Makrofol® LM Film for Electronic Control Panels

Makrofol® LM 228 film reduced cost and improved performance of a screen printed control panel

A screen printer was looking for a cost effective way to diffuse LED lights for a back lighted electronic control panel made from polycarbonate film. Their manufacturing process involved multiple printing passes of translucent inks to achieve the required level of LED light diffusion. This was time consuming and expensive.

Makrofol® LM 228 light diffusing film reduces printing steps, saves time

Makrofol® LM film electronic control panels for LED light diffusion (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)

After reviewing the specifications, Curbell suggested they try Makrofol® LM 228 polycarbonate light management film. LM 228 eliminated printing steps, saving them time and money while providing the light diffusion their application required.

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