Machine Shop Needed Cut-to-Size Ultem® Blanks

High quality, low stress, tight tolerance blanks for medical manifolds increase productivity

A machine shop that manufactures parts for the medical device industry was looking for a supplier who could meet their needs for cut-to-size Ultem® sheet. They were machining the blanks into medical manifolds and their supplier was providing them with pieces of Ultem® that were out of square and had chipped edges. The blanks also had very high levels of residual stress, which made it difficult for the machine shop to maintain the tight dimensional tolerances that were specified for the manifolds.

Precision Cutting at its Best

Machine shop cut to size Ultem for medical manifolds | Curbell PlasticsCurbell Plastics offered them a solution. Curbell has state-of-the-art, CNC controlled panel saws that can hold tight dimensional tolerances. Curbell also uses saw blades that are specifically designed for each polymer that we cut. This allows us to saw blanks that have smooth, aesthetically pleasing edges and low levels of stress.

Additionally, we were able to offer the machine shop a certificate of conformance with each shipment, which gave them added assurance that they were receiving the special medical grade of Ultem® that was specified by their customer.  

Reduced Scrap and Increased Productivity

Since they started buying their cut-to-size Ultem® from Curbell, the machine shop has not had to struggle with low quality edges and high levels of stress. Having high quality blanks has resulted in increased productivity and fewer scrapped parts.

Need high quality cuts? We can help.

For decades, Curbell Plastics has supplied high quality cut-to-size plastic materials to machine shops. If you need precision-cut blanks for your critical projects, please contact Curbell Plastics today.

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