LED-Diffusing Acrylic Eliminates Hot Spots

Light-diffusing sheets provide bright, glowing light for backlit LED signs

A sign manufacturer was creating a new sign program for a major retailer. The design required a low-profile face and the use of bright LED lights. The low profile caused unsightly hot spots on the acrylic.

LEDs cause hot spots on standard acrylic

The manufacturer tried conventional acrylic sheet materials—but they couldn’t effectively diffuse the LED lights. With more and more of their customers choosing LEDs, they needed to find a solution to diffuse powerful LEDs without sacrificing light transmission and UV-stability.

Light-diffusing acrylic hides bright LEDs—even in low-profile signs

Light diffusing acrylic diffuses hot spotsCurbell suggested that the sign manufacturer try OPTIX® LD acrylic sheet. OPTIX® features light-diffusing additives that diffuse LEDs without affecting light transmission. This light-diffusing acrylic did an outstanding job diffusing the LED lights, without affecting light transmission. The finished signs had all the benefits of acrylic—including great optics and weatherability—plus smooth, even light distribution. The finished signs were bright and aesthetically pleasing, both day and night.

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