KYDEX® XD 3D Laminate for Clothing Store Interiors

Retailer selects KYDEX® XD 3D laminate for store fixtures to eliminate dark seams, increase durability

A high-end clothing retailer wanted to create visually appealing store fixtures with brightly lit curved surfaces. It was important that the fixtures to be durable so that they would resist chipping and cracking during use. The designers wanted a clean look without the dark seams associated with high pressure laminates (HPL).

KYDEX® XD 3D laminate selected over HPL to eliminate dark seams and for ease of bonding to curved surfaces

KYDEX® laminate selected over HPL to eliminate dark seams and for ease of bonding to curved surfacesThe retailer chose 0.030” thick KYDEX® XD 3D laminate in Goal Post White color and a PK Cashmere texture for the project. The KYDEX® XD 3D laminate was bonded to particle board to create the fixtures. KYDEX® XD 3D laminate has color throughout the thickness of the sheet, which makes seams nearly invisible. The material is extremely tough and it has outstanding resistance to chipping and cracking.

KYDEX® XD 3D laminate is easy to bond to curved surfaces and it can be fabricated using standard woodworking tools.

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