Inconsistent Color Causes Issues for Kiosk Thermoformer

Color inspection reports help maintain lot-to-lot color consistency

A thermoformer was experiencing rejections for a kiosk housing that they were making due to inconsistent blue color. The lot-to-lot color variation was unacceptable to their customer.

Consistent Colors & Quality for Kiosk Thermoformer (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The purchasing manager contacted Curbell to discuss their requirements. Curbell’s sales and quality management teams worked with the thermoformer and their customer to establish a color specification.

Color Inspection Reports

Now, Curbell provides a color inspection report with each shipment of material so that the thermoformer and their customer are always sure to get plastic sheet which is the right color for the kiosk.

Need lot and batch traceability for your materials? We can help.

Curbell Plastics uses our Quality Management Systems along with our ERP System to ensure that our customers receive the required material and part certifications to put materials right into production.

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