Die Cut Polycarbonate Face Shields

Switching from injection molded face shields to thinner die cut face shields saves money

A manufacturer of safety eye wear traditionally had their polycarbonate face shields manufactured via injection molding. The injection molding process was incapable of producing thin enough parts for their new helmet design.

Demands to create smaller, lighter parts have made thin-wall molding one of the most sought after capabilities, but as wall thicknesses continue to shrink, thin gauge sheet plastics become a more viable (and accessible) solution.

Thin, die cut polycarbonate sheet saved costs

Police anti-riot polycarbonate face shieldCurbell provided the eye wear manufacturer with face shield panels that were die cut from polycarbonate sheet. The die cut polycarbonate face shields had outstanding optical properties and met the specifications needed. In addition to the added benefits of optical clarity, the tooling costs for die cutting were far lower than the typical costs for injection mold tooling.

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