DURAPLEX® Acrylic Reduces POP Display Breakage

Impact modified acrylic reduces breakage without compromising aesthetics

A POP (point-of-purchase) display manufacturer was experiencing high breakage during shipping and needed a more durable material for their application.

Broken displays disappoint customers, cut into profits

Many of the displays were breaking on the way to their retail customers, so they wanted a more durable material that wouldn’t break during shipping. However, they also wanted outstanding gloss, transparency and ease of fabrication that is inherent with typical acrylic sheet material.

Impact modified acrylic significantly reduces damage

DURAPLEX® impact modified acrylic for POP displayCurbell provided them with an impact modified acrylic that holds up significantly better than standard acrylic and still has outstanding aesthetic properties. Specifically, our plastic specialist recommended DURAPLEX® impact modified acrylic. Since DURAPLEX® is significantly tougher than standard acrylic, the customer agreed to try the material to see if it did reduce the number of rejects.

After using DURAPLEX ®, the customer greatly reduced the frequency of shipping damage. This one simple change saved them time and money in rebuilding and reshipping displays, improved their customer satisfaction, and eliminated a major hassle.

Looking to choose another option over standard acrylic? We're here to help.

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