Bullet Resistant Glazing Material Needed for Ballistic Protection

Plexiglas® SBAR provides lightweight, easy to fabricate solution that meets UL-752 Level 1 standard

A general contractor who builds gas station and convenience store interiors was looking for a bullet resistant glazing material to enclose their cash register stations. They needed the material to comply with the UL-752 Level 1 standard for ballistic protection. They also wanted the glazing to have outstanding abrasion resistance.

The clear choice for ballistic protection – Plexiglas® SBAR

Bullet Resistant Glazing Material for Ballistic Protection (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The contractor spoke with a Curbell salesperson who suggested that they evaluate Plexiglas® SBAR for the application. This material met all of their performance requirements. The contractor also benefited from the material being lightweight (half the weight of bullet-resistant glass and easy to fabricate and install). 

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