Color Issues with Acrylic/PVC Sheet for Bus Interior Components

Curbell worked with manufacturer to define color specification and supply color test reports with each shipment

Consistent Color and Quality of Bus Interior Components (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)A manufacturer of thermoformed bus interior components was struggling with inconsistent colors of acrylic/PVC sheet. Each lot of material that they purchased was of a slightly different gray color, which resulted in their parts failing to pass their customers’ quality inspections.

Color Specifications

The engineering manager contacted a Curbell salesperson to discuss the problem. Curbell worked with the component manufacturer and the acrylic/PVC sheet producer to define a color specification. Curbell agreed to supply color test reports with each shipment certifying that the material is within specification.

Need help with color consistency challenges? We can help.

For decades, Curbell Plastics has worked with suppliers to source consistent materials with quality certifications. If you require color-critical materials for your projects, talk to our plastic experts.

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