Clothing Racks Made from KYDEX® XD 3D Laminate

KYDEX® XD 3D laminate solves challenges of bullnose display edge aesthetics and durability

A fixture manufacturer was designing clothing displays for an upscale retail store. They wanted the bases of the displays to be durable and not chip or crack during use. They also wanted the bases to have bullnose edges for a sleek look. The manufacturer was concerned that displays made from painted wood or MDF would quickly show wear and have to be replaced.

For a display with bullnose edges KYDEX® XD 3D laminate provides durability and ease of fabrication

Clothing Racks Made from KYDEX® XD 3D Laminate (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The manufacturer chose membrane pressed bases for the displays made from KYDEX® XD 3D laminate in Goal Post White color with a PK Cashmere texture. KYDEX® XD 3D laminates are extremely durable, which prevents the displays from chipping or cracking. The membrane pressing process allowed the manufacturer to form the material around the bullnose edges of an MDF substrate to eliminate exposed seams.

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