Auto Plant Wanted Cleaner, Safer Wheel Alignment

C-TEK® RW™ adhesive film allows for quick, safe removal of rubber buildup on wheel alignment machinery

An automotive assembly plant was experiencing frequent downtime. New car tires were depositing rubber debris on the rollers on their wheel alignment machinery. The process to clean the rollers was labor intensive and it exposed operators to strong chemicals, sharp scraping tools, and poor ergonomic conditions.

Disposable protective covering protects rollers and operators

Curbell Plastics provided them with a solution. C-TEK® RW™ (roller wrap) is a proprietary adhesive-coated plastic film that acts as a disposable protective surface on the rollers. A length of C-TEK® RW™ is applied to each clean roller and then removed and replaced when rubber buildup reaches an unacceptable level.  

C-TEK® RW™ eliminated the difficulties and downtime associated with the previous cleaning procedure. The assembly plant benefitted from reduced downtime, better performing wheel alignment machinery, and safer conditions for their operators.

Rubber debris on wheel alignment and guide rollers (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)
Rubber debris on wheel alignment and guide rollers.
Wheel alignment roller after using C-TEK® RW™.
Wheel alignment roller after using C-TEK® RW™.

Have issues with buildup on your metal rollers? We can help.

Curbell Plastics has adhesive film roller wrap options to help reduce roller debris downtime.
C-TEK® RW™ is available in standard and custom sizes.

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