Architectural Lighting Manufacturer Struggles with Fabrication Timelines

Curbell's state-of-the art CNC routers shorten manufacturing timelines and reduce costs

A manufacturer of architectural lighting needed to make 250 circular fixtures for a large hotel chain. Each fixture consisted of 6 curved diffusers made from Plaskolite’s OPTIX® Frost light diffusing acrylic sheet. The project required a total of 1500 curved acrylic panels, which the manufacturer was cutting using handheld routers. This slow fabrication process was creating a bottleneck in the factory.

CNC Routed Acrylic Lighting Panels 

Architectural Lighting Panels CNC Routered Saves Time & Reduces Cost (Case Study at Curbell Plastics)The purchasing manager reached out to Curbell Plastics using the “Get a Quote” link on our website. Curbell was able to manufacture the curved diffusers using our state-of-the art CNC routers for a fraction of the cost that the company was paying to fabricate the parts in-house.

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