Aerospace Machine Shop Salvages PCTFE Profit

Cheap material caused high scrap rate so we helped find the balance between quality and cost

A machine shop that manufactures parts for the aerospace industry was making seals from PCTFE rod. The seals were for military aircraft and pricing for the project was extremely competitive. The shop had tried a “low cost” PCTFE, but the material had very poor machining characteristics. The shop manager turned to Curbell to see what could be done to take cost out of the project without compromising quality.

Aerospace Machine Shop Saves Cost and Ensure Quality on PCTFE Plastic Parts (Case Study at Curbell Plastics).Better Material Plus Less Waste Equals Stronger Profits

Curbell was able to provide the shop with extruded PCTFE tube stock with an ID and OD that were very close to the finished dimensions of the seal. This reduced material waste, which allowed the shop to make additional profit on the project.

Need cost effective plastic material solutions that don’t compromise project quality? We can help.

Curbell Plastics has been able to provide many manufacturers with pricing on custom sized plastic stock shapes to reduce their material cost. Talk to our experts about your particular needs.

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