AS9120 Certified Supplier for Machine Shops

Certificates of conformance, lot and batch traceability, and peace of mind for your aerospace jobs

Machine shop manufactures parts for aerospace and defense customers | Curbell PlasticsA machine shop that manufactures parts for aerospace and defense customers was seeking an AS9120 certified supplier for their plastic sheet, rod, and tube materials. The shop recognized that quality management processes are extremely important for aerospace work, where authentic products, lot traceability, and materials testing are essential for meeting customer needs. 

Quality Management, Certificates of Conformance, and Lot Testing

Many of the company’s aerospace and defense customers require certificates of conformance, mechanical property test reports, and lot traceability for the raw materials that are used to produce their products. Some of these customers also require compliance with specific quality standards as well as U.S. export control laws.

The machine shop chose to buy their plastic materials from Curbell since Curbell Plastics has offices that are certified to ISO 9001:2008, AS9120, and comply with U.S. export control laws including ITAR. Curbell is also able to supply lot and batch testing with each shipment of material when lot testing is specified at the time of order.

Note: It is important to let Curbell know that mechanical properties testing will be required when the order is placed since additional charges may apply to cover the costs of laboratory tests.

Peace of Mind

Prior to doing business with Curbell, the machine shop had purchased plastic materials from catalog companies and general industrial distributors who did not understand the importance of using the exact polymer that was specified by the end-user. The industrial suppliers were also unable to provide certificates of conformance and mechanical property test reports. This was cause for concern since it was impossible for the machine shop to know with certainty that they were providing the aerospace-grade materials specified on their customers’ drawings.

Buying raw materials from Curbell gives the shop peace of mind, knowing that they are using the specified plastic materials for each part that they manufacture.

Need an AS9120 certified supplier? We can help.

For decades, Curbell Plastics has worked with some of the leading names in aerospace and defense. If you need conforming plastic materials along with the right quality assurance documentation—every time, please contact Curbell Plastics today.

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