Plastic Diffuser Solutions
for LED Lighting

White paper on a new generation of polycarbonate and acrylic LED light diffusing materials that offer design flexibility, hide hot spots, and transmit more light

This paper provides a comprehensive look at some of the top materials currently available to solve your LED lighting challenges including an explanation of how they work, material comparisons, plus property charts and photographs.


  • How the materials diffuse light and hide “hot spots
  • Polycarbonate vs. acrylic – advantages and limitations
  • Properties: material strength, flammability, light transmission, light diffusion, and temperature capabilities
  • Visual comparisons - light diffusion, light transmission, and color
  • Material options for architectural, commercial, and transportation light fixtures, backlighted signs, lighted point-of-purchase displays, and troffer retrofitting 

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"Plastic Diffuser Solutions for LED Lighting"

24 Pages of: Light Diffusing (LD) Materials • Diffuse LED “Hot Spots” • Polycarbonate vs. Acrylic for Lighting Applications • Light Transmission • Material Comparison Charts & Photos • Backlighting • Troffer Retrofitting

Curbell Plastics is a nationwide supplier of plastic light diffuser sheet materials. Brands include: TUFFAK® (formerly called Makrolon®), Makrofol®, OPTIX®, KSH®, and Plexiglas®.