OP-TEK® Flex BiLam

Flexible EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It’s an extremely elastic material that can be processed like other thermoplastics. The material has low-temperature OP-TEK Flex BiLam Inner Linertoughness, stress-crack and UV radiation resistance. In the Orthotics and Prosthetic market, fabricators know this material as either: OP-TEK® Flex, Proflex, or Orfitrans™ Excel. (Note: Each brand may exhibit slight variations of grades and flexibility.)

OP-TEK® Flex BiLam provides added comfort and improves aesthetics for patients wearing carbon socket frames. The inner layer contains a hypoallergenic, FDA compliant additive that reduces friction, and the outer layer helps hide trim lines and window cut-outs of carbon socket frames.


Typical Properties of EVA Copolymer Sheet
Density g/cm3 D1505 0.952
Tensile strength @ yield psi D638 3580
Elongation @ break % D638 770
Flexural modulus psi D790 2470
Impact brittleness temp °F D746 <-121
DTUL A Scale D648 79A
Vicat softening point °F D1525 111

Values may vary according to brand name. Please ask your Curbell Plastics representative for more specific information about an individual brand. 

OP-TEK® Flex BiLam for Black Inner Liners
For Added Comfort and Improved Aesthetics 

Video Transcript

What we have done is we have actually taken our comfort material and we’ve laminated it to our black material.  So what that does it gives you, as you can see here, a two-toned material (this is 1/2 inch). All these materials; if they are thicker than 1/4 inch, are laminated together so any 3/4 inch EVA type material, any 1/2 inch, any 5/8 inch has all been laminated like this. The only thing is you don’t see the joint or the seam because it’s all the same color.

So what we’ve done to actually allow to have a black surface outside is do this lamination process. So what that gives you is with one single pull you get a flexible inner liner that is actually on the exterior is black. So up against a carbon frame it kind of helps cosmetically hide the trim lines if you have a cut-out window for relief.  You have that black outer color that helps hide that; but on the inside you have the comfort material, the OP-TEK® Flex Comfort with our additive in it, to decrease friction to help the patient don and doff the liner. So it’s a great material. You kind of get the best of both worlds and it’s kind of something innovative for the market for O&P professionals.

Also even this innovation it’s the same price as it is for the Comfort. We don’t upcharge for this. The BiLam is only available in 1/2 inch thickness currently and we have it in 16 in x 16 in, 18 in x 18 in, 20 in x 20 in, 24 in x 24 in on the shelf ready to go or we can custom cut for you. We bring it in 4 ft x 8 ft sheets.

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