Plastics for Faster, Quieter, and More Reliable MachinesPlastics Make Machines Faster, Quieter, and More Reliable 

Machine parts made of lightweight, cost-effective materials like UHMW, acetal, and nylon are built to withstand friction and wear. They require little or no lubrication, dampen sound, and reduce the strain on motors that power moving parts. And, in complementary components like guide rails and wear strips, they extend the lifespan of chains and more expensive metal parts.

Consider using performance plastics for:

  • Bearings and bushings 
  • Star wheels 
  • Guide rails/wear strips 
  • Gears 
  • Chain guides
  • Feed screws
  • Idler sprockets

Let’s work together to reduce machine downtime.

In addition to stocking all the plastic sheet, rod, and tube you may need, we can supply fabricated parts to your design requirements, and provide a full range of tapes, adhesives, sealants, and other accessories.

Ask a Plastics Expert about plastic material properties, the impact of part geometry on performance, and more.

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