Plastics for Extreme Operating Environments - Heat, Cryogenic Temperatures and ChemicalsPlastics for Extreme
Operating Environments

Do your machines handle hot liquids or operate in ovens? Do they convey products in freezers or work in cryogenic settings? And how about chemicals — do you clean your machines daily?

Certain plastics help machine builders and MRO professionals replace costly metals and improve their machinery’s performance through a wide range of operating conditions. PEEK, for example, is a high-performance engineering plastic able to maintain its stiffness and other properties at high temperatures. At the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, materials like PEEK, UHMW, and polycarbonate find frequent use because their unique properties enable them to perform in cold and cryogenic environments.

Additionally, chemical-resistant plastics such as PEEK and PTFE can withstand the repeated cleanings to which food processing machinery and other equipment must be subjected.

Consider using heat-, cold-, and chemical-resistant plastics for:

  • Bearings and bushings
  • Seals
  • Guide rails and wear strips 
  • Chain guides
  • Machine guards

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In addition to stocking all the plastic sheet, rod, and tube you may need, we can supply fabricated parts to your design requirements, and provide a full range of tapes, adhesives, sealants, tubing and hose, and other accessories.

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