PSP Program - Plastics Sales Professional - at Curbell Plastics

Where can performance plastics take you?

Think all plastics are disposable and detrimental to the environment? Think again. 

Performance plastics are anything but single-use, throwaway plastics. They are durable, lightweight, extended-use manufacturing materials that help shape a more efficient and livable world. Performance plastics minimize energy consumption and add value to just about any commercial or industrial application.

A career in performance plastics sales can take you to the worlds of aviation and space travel, semiconductors and scientific instrumentation, advanced manufacturing and machine building, high-end retail, amusement park or marine construction, military and emergency vehicle design, or countless other endeavors.

Ready? Our PSP Program can take you there.

Curbell Plastics developed the Plastics Sales Professional (PSP) Program to equip and prepare qualified candidates for a challenging and rewarding career in industrial sales. 

Plastics Sales Professional Program at Curbell Plastics - Consider a rewarding career in Industrial Sales selling performance plastics!In this immersive program, participants will be trained in our entire product portfolio, markets, best business practices, and selling system over a period of six months to a year. With the assistance of primary mentors consisting of a Sales Manager and a Regional Sales Director, PSP members will develop a strong internal network of resources to position them for success in their new role. For example, you’ll work closely with Eddie Howe — one of the best in the business, who’s dedicated his entire career to the plastics industry.

Our goal: To develop strong leaders and top sales talent who will grow with our organization and play a key role in furthering Curbell’s well-established prominence in the performance plastics industry. 

How do ninjas and performance plastics go together? Get an inside look at our industry-leading educational programs through our Training at Curbell video.

What makes Curbell different?

Curbell Plastics is one of the nation’s top five distributors of performance plastics. From 18 locations across the United States, we supply plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film materials, along with tapes, adhesives, and fabricated plastic parts, to thousands of businesses as well as entrepreneurs, government agencies, and others.

At Curbell, we know our people make the difference, so we do all we can to foster a culture that supports innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and rewarding career opportunities. 

Everything we do is driven by our core values of integrity, respect, and learning. We constantly invest in our culture and our people through innovative benefits programs, IAPD award-winning training and career development resources, nationally recognized environmental sustainability initiatives, and community support.

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Curbell's PSP Program gives you the foundation and the tools to build a successful sales career.

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Bill Rummel, Territory Sales Manager, Cleveland, Curbell Plastics“Coming in, I had absolutely zero background involving distribution, plastics, or manufacturing. The PSP program gave me a foundation of skills that I'll be able to use throughout my career to provide the most value to my customers.”

Bill Rummell 
Regional Sales Manager

Ashley Yencik Inside Sales Representative, Cincinnati, Curbell Plastics

“You never feel alone. You have a whole support team behind you, making sure you feel comfortable at every step.”

Ashley Yencik
Training Manager

David Dennemann, Sr. Outside Sales Representative, San Diego, Curbell Plastics

“I didn’t always understand how important it was at the time, but two to three years into my role, I realized how critical this training was for me and for the development of my team.”

David Dennemann 
Sr. Outside Sales Representative

John Gregory, Outside Sales Representative, Texas, Curbell Plastics

“I found it beneficial to learn from mentors with very different styles. That’s just a testament that you can’t really teach a salesperson how to sell. Everyone has their own way to do it. But if you give them the right foundation and the right tools, anybody can be successful.”

John Gregory
Business Manager