Therapists Learn to Create Burn Masks from PETG Sheet Donation

Physicians for Peace use Curbell Plastics’ PETG donation for training purposes

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Orchard Park, N.Y., December 15, 2021 – Curbell Plastics, Inc., one of the nation’s top suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, tube, tapes, and fabricated parts, has resumed its support of the non-profit Physicians for Peace (PFP) with a donation of cut-to-size PETG sheet. Since 2017, Curbell Plastics has partnered with Physicians for Peace, a non-profit organization that works to strengthen delivery of surgical care to alleviate suffering and transform lives in under-resourced communities around the world.

Participants at the Physicians for Peace workshop have warmed up the PETG sheet to be draped and pressed over the plaster mold to create the facemask.

Due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, PFP halted in-person training events beginning March 2020. Once workshops were cleared to resume, Curbell was able to help again by providing orthotic-grade PETG for the burn mask training event. PETG is frequently used for these masks and other burn management devices because of its excellent thermoforming characteristics, FDA compliancy, toughness and rigidity, and optical clarity. In November 2021, PFP volunteer instructors met with therapists from seven Latin American countries to teach them how to fabricate rehabilitative transparent face masks for burn victims.

Therapist Christian Aguero from Paraguay is making sure the edges of the mask are smooth to avoid additional injuries to the patient´s face.

Curbell Plastics donated several sheets of cut-to-size .06-inch-thick FDA compliant PETG for the therapists to heat and drape over a positive mold of a patient’s face. The workshop trainers walked therapists through the process from casting a plaster mold of the patient to checking the mask’s fit against the face and making minor adjustments to obtain the most effective therapeutic treatment results.

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Physicians for Peace volunteers and participants from 7 different countries in Central and South America are showing the results of the face mask workshop conducted in Bogota, Colombia.

The workshop is designed so the therapists can perform the entire process with commonly available tools such as ovens, heat guns, and basic sculpting craft supplies. Generally the most difficult item to source is the transparent plastic sheet. In addition to the PETG donation for training purposes, each attending therapist returned home with several cut-to-size sheets to continue practicing.

“Curbell plays a huge part,” shared Bibiana Gama, the Program Director with Physicians for Peace, “without this material, we cannot teach therapists how to be resourceful and create these masks for their patients.”

“Since first speaking with Bibiana, helping PFP has been a wonderful experience,” said Jeff Wilson, Senior Business Development Manager for Curbell O&P. “From explaining the benefits of PETG plastic sheet for the burn masks to having the privilege of helping others has been personally rewarding for me. We look forward to the next time Bibiana calls on us to help.”

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