Curbell O&P Introduces Innovative C-TEK® MODStiff™ for Orthoses

New material inspired by clinician and technician requests offers increased stiffness without the weight

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Orchard Park, N.Y., February 11, 2020 – Curbell Plastics, Inc., one of the nation’s top suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, tube, tapes, and fabricated parts, introduces a new innovative product for orthoses for their orthotic and prosthetic business, Curbell O&P.

Many O&P clinicians and technicians had been looking for a material with a flexural modulus (stiffness) between modified polyethylene (MPE) (52 kpsi stiffness) and copolymer polypropylene (Copoly) (200 kpsi stiffness). Curbell O&P listened to their requests, and introduced their new material C-TEK® MODStiff™ based on polyethylene with a stiffness of 109 kpsi.

C-TEK® MODStiff™ for Orthoses | Curbell O&P

The material can be used in applications such as TLSOs, night splints, AFOs, SMOs, and wrist braces where modified polyethylene is not stiff enough and copoly is too stiff. The ability to down gauge material thickness provides the opportunity to lighten an orthoses. For example, the weight of a larger TLSO can be reduced by down gauging from a 3/16” thickness to a 5/32” thickness.

“The question came up over and over again when we were with clinicians and technicians,” said Jeff Wilson, Business Development Manager for Curbell O&P, “Do you have a material to offer us with a stiffness between MPE and copoly? Until now the answer had unfortunately been no. It was extremely important for us to solve this problem for our customers. We are thrilled with the positive response so far.”

C-TEK® MODStiff™ sheet is easy to fabricate and form. No special fabrication techniques or equipment are needed, and the material will “clear” in the oven similar to modified polyethylene and copoly.

C-TEK® MODStiff™ Availability

  • Thickness: .125" and .156"
  • Sheet Sizes: 24" x 48" - 48" x 96"
  • Color: Natural (White)

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