Tyler Williams

Outside Sales Representative – Cincinnati

Meet Tyler

Tyler Williams, an Outside Sales Representative in the Curbell Plastics Cincinnati location, has well-rounded experience and expertise in industrial materials technology and distribution. His career has taken him through inside and outside sales, as well as through both plastic distribution and metal fabrication — a path that gives him an exceptional capability to identify applications and environments in which performance plastics can provide lightweight and cost-efficient alternatives to metals.

Tyler builds strong relationships with customers throughout the Cincinnati area and across Ohio and Indiana. He works with customers in the aerospace, automotive MRO, machine building, sign manufacturing, graphics, and other industries to make their plastic research, selection, and buying experience more efficient and rewarding. The aerospace industry holds particular interest for Tyler, due to the seemingly limitless possibilities for plastics to play a role in the technologies of tomorrow. He frequently works with aircraft and aerospace component manufacturers on applications that include control systems, propulsion and power distribution, and landing gear systems.

No matter what the industry, Tyler focuses on developing a deep knowledge of each customer’s unique needs and pain points in order to serve them more efficiently and more proactively. He often collaborates with engineers on brand-new applications for plastics, helping them navigate mechanical properties, performance at various temperatures, chemical resistance, and other factors that go into material selection.

In his free time, Tyler enjoys golf, fishing, running, and weight training. He recently began competing in National Physique Committee all-natural bodybuilding events.

A Partner in Your Success

When asked for a few words that describe his work ethic and approach to business relationships, Tyler provides this simple yet profound quote: “Remember who you are.” He prides himself on being straightforward, sincere, and reliable in every customer interaction.

That played out in the development of a strong bridge Tyler built between a material manufacturer, Curbell, and a company in the 3D printing industry. The printer, which builds prototypes used in aerospace, architecture, energy, and medical applications, had been purchasing its resin directly from the manufacturer. During the course of that engagement, the manufacturer began distributing its resin through Curbell. Tyler now works closely with the printer to offer material expertise and heighten efficiency — added value that helps the company continue to grow its business.

Industry Expertise

Certifications and Training

Training on plastics, properties, processes, and customer service through Curbell Plastics’ well-recognized and IAPD award-winning flagship programs


B.S., business management, University of Cincinnati

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