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Outside Sales Representative – Seattle

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Meet Trianna

Trianna Larberg, an Outside Sales Representative in Curbell Plastics’ Seattle location, builds and nurtures strong relationships with aerospace manufacturers, marine construction firms, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and other industrial companies that have specialized needs for performance plastics. She regularly partners with customers across the Seattle area and throughout Washington state, as well as in Oregon, and Idaho.

“What I enjoy the most within this position is being able to create a solution for the customers, not just a sale,” Trianna says. “Curbell invests in their customers and creates a long-term working relationship.”

The value of those relationships plays out every day, in many different ways. Case in point: Trianna frequently collaborates with a large aerospace company to troubleshoot various projects and develop solutions together. In one example, the company needed a plastic material that could withstand the rigors of the shot peening process. In shot peening, metal components are pounded with a pellet shower forceful enough to create a compressive residual stress layer, which leads to longer part lifespan and increased maximum load capacities. Trianna collaborated with engineers to introduce a phenolic for use with the large clamps that hold aircraft wing skins in place during shot peening.

Before joining Curbell Plastics, Trianna’s B2B sales career path gave her experience with an array of industrial applications and technologies, including aerospace wiring and cabling, polyurea protective coatings, and industrial safety supplies.

In her free time, Trianna enjoys exploring new locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A Partner in Your Success

“My customers will always get my best service possible — I don’t over-promise or under-deliver,” Trianna says. “My goal is to provide you with the best solution to your requested project.”

What she enjoys most about the performance plastics industry, Trianna notes, is that there is always something new around every corner. “No two days are alike,” she says. “This gives me the opportunity to engage with my customers and learn about a multitude of different industries. It’s like becoming an expert in several industries. It keeps the job very interesting — as well as keeping me on my toes!"

Industry Expertise

Certifications and Training

  • Training on plastics, properties, processes, and customer service through Curbell Plastics’ well-recognized and IAPD award-winning flagship programs

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