Suyen Carloto

Administrative Assistant – Arlington, Houston, Jackson, Curbell O&P

Meet Suyen

Suyen Carloto is the Administrative Assistant for Curbell Plastics Arlington, Houston, Jackson MS, and Curbell O&P. She joined Curbell in May of 2019 and manages the day-to-day office responsibilities of the three branches and O&P division.

Suyen had limited plastics experience before becoming the Administrative Assistant for then-Curbell Plastics Texas and Curbell O&P. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. After graduation she went to work as a technician for a hand therapy clinic specializing in occupational therapy from the shoulder down. She saw patients that had severe injuries or lost limbs, and the clinic used plastic for their orthotics. “We made these splints out of plastic O&P material,” she recalled, “they would heat up in a hot bath and mold to the person. So, if the patient needed a re-adjustable cast, they could come back in, heat it up, remold it, and it was a gradual process rather than having to buy a whole new cast every time.” The plastic was easy to clean, reusable, and significantly cheaper than other materials available to cost-sensitive patients. That’s when she realized how versatile plastic could be. Now at Curbell, she sees how that versatility accommodates so many different industries. “I didn’t realize that plastic was in everything,” she laughed, “I find it fascinating that I could make a splint with a 4x4 piece of material, and then that same material could be on the Magic Kingdom castle pillars.”

A Partner in Your Success

When Curbell Plastics acquired Nationwide Plastics in August 2019, Suyen played a key role introducing the three new branches to Curbell’s processes and systems. Now she manages onboarding new customer accounts across all locations. She helps retrieve invoices, find tracking, order confirmations, the certificates of origin for the Arlington location, and a plethora of other tasks to help support the Sales and Operations teams.

When Suyen isn’t in the office, she’s actively involved in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area community. She sings in the Women’s Chorus of Dallas, and each month completes a community service event on behalf of the Dallas Cotillion Club. On the weekends when the weather is nice, she’s more than likely hiking the trails at Cedar Hill State Park with her fiancé and their four dogs. 

Community Involvement


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