Michael Brown

Business Manager - Jackson

Meet Mike

Michael (Mike) Brown is the Business Manager for the Curbell Plastics Jackson, MS location, formerly the Branch Manager for Nationwide Plastics Brandon location. Nationwide Plastics, Inc. was acquired by Curbell Plastics in August 2019 and had been operating as a Division of Curbell Plastics, Inc. Today he leads and inspires his Curbell Plastics team while lending 25 years of plastic engineering experience to customers with application challenges throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

Mike began his career in high precision machining for an aerospace company. He moved on to work in high volume production machining for several years before going to work for Nationwide Plastics, Inc.

He has extensive experience with polyolefins like UHMW, HDPE, LDPE, and polypropylene in industrial applications. “The industries across Mississippi and Louisiana are primarily industrial conveying and food processing which allows me to help them improve their processes with these types of materials,” he explained.

Mike has held many positions at his location, beginning in engineering and working his way up to Branch Manager in 2007. The experience gained from those roles has given him a unique outlook about how to build the best facility and team possible in plastics distribution, fabrication and machining services.

A Partner in Your Success

Mike enjoys working directly with customers to help them find the right solution for all types of production challenges. One of his more memorable projects was collaborating with an automotive battery company looking to improve the battery design for powered mobility chairs. Mike helped design and engineer the battery so that in the event a mobile chair would tip over, the operator was safe from the battery acid within.

Although Mike has decades of experience, the plastics industry remains an engaging field. “I have been exposed to so many applications, yet every day I get to learn something new,” he said. If there was one piece of advice he could offer, it would be to never stop learning.

Mike strives to train his staff to be the best they can be as individuals while also working well as a team. “Here at Curbell Plastics Jackson, my management philosophy is to support each one of my sales staff by allowing them to grow in their knowledge of plastics by research and discussion,” Mike said, “I also like to push them toward being more inquisitive regarding our customers’ needs and applications to further our relationship and build business. I will always acknowledge the efforts they put in to make the sale and also be there when they need guidance.”

Outside of work, Mike enjoys spending his time in his home workshop. He’s experienced in woodworking and recently built a metal forge and is learning the craft of blacksmithing. He tries to get out to hunt and fish whenever he can. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends - whether it’s in his shop, by the pool, or just sitting around the table sharing a good meal.

Industry Expertise


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