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Inside Sales Representative – San Diego

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Josep (Joe) Casanova is an Inside Sales Representative for the Curbell Plastics San Diego location. Joe joined Curbell at the end of 2019 and brought his experience with space, aerospace, and military sector account management to help similar Curbell customers in the Southern California area with their performance plastics needs.

Prior to industrial plastics, Joe was an inside sales coordinator for a composite sealing systems manufacturing company. His customer-centric approach led him to create business strategies that ensured his customers received the best service in their day to day interactions. Joe’s documented improvements translated to a departmental decrease in data entry mistakes, reduced errors during production, and significantly increased customer satisfaction company wide.

A Partner in Your Success

Joe’s customer service approach is to help with material solutions that meet both short-term and long-term needs. This includes not only providing the right solution based on price, but considering materials which can result in more beneficial outcomes in the long term. He knows that in the aerospace industry, applications are strongly spec and print driven, and likewise he knows the right questions to ask. “If you’re not comfortable questioning the specs right away, that comes back to haunt you,” Joe laughed. He continued, “when an engineer says ‘I want nylon that meets this spec,’ I know to ask, ‘Ok, what’s on the prints? Why are those specs called out?’” Based on the conversation, Joe might suggest a material that wasn’t originally spec’d out but would perform as the engineer wants it to. “These other materials don’t only meet the spec, but meets the application,” he confirmed.

Joe enjoys keeping up with the plastic innovations that occur throughout different markets and industries. “With the rapid development of plastic materials, there is a large opportunity to partner with our customers and provide alternative solutions which they currently may not be aware of,” Joe said, “growing our business while helping others do the same is what gets me the most motivated.” While Joe has experience with several high performance and engineering plastics, his involvement with aerospace applications has him extremely familiar with Vespel® and PEEK materials.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys photography and shoots landscapes and portraits specifically. He also loves traveling and values learning. He speaks English, Spanish, and Italian fluently, and is currently pursuing French.

Industry Expertise


B.B.A., business administration and management, University of Phoenix

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