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Outside Sales Representative – Atlanta

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Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Rieger, a Curbell Plastics Outside Sales Representative based in Atlanta, guides companies in a broad range of industries through selection, acquisition, and application of performance plastic materials. With a reach that stretches across most of Georgia, through South Carolina, and into central Tennessee, Jeremy’s customers include major aircraft and aerospace component manufacturers, machine builders, glass laminators, makers of signage and retail displays, auto makers, and amusement parks.

He draws from his well-rounded background in sales, customer service, industrial distribution, and maintenance management to help customers reduce costs, shorten lead time, develop stocking and inventory management solutions, and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, from studying chemical engineering at Auburn University, he understands polymer structure and how plastic material properties translate to their performance in real-world applications.

Before joining Curbell Plastics in 2016, Jeremy worked in outside sales at the Alabama and Georgia branches of a global distributor of manufacturing and construction supplies. Here he developed a deep understanding of how businesses in many industries manage their supply chain, handle production and warehousing, and establish vendor relationships. All of this aids his partnerships with Curbell customers, who appreciate that he speaks their language and gets how they do business.

In one example, Jeremy increased efficiency for an aerospace customer by working with the company to design a blanket ordering system that streamlined its stocking and ordering processes. Knowing from experience that no business or industry is alike, he regularly partners with customers in such ways to tailor their plastic buying experience to their particular needs and business models.

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, playing poker and strategy card games, and spending as much time as possible outdoors.

A Partner in Your Success

“I love being in the plastics industry because each day brings a new challenge and I am constantly meeting new people,” says Jeremy. “Our products and capabilities can help customers in so many industries, through so many applications — the possibilities are endless.”

What he finds most fulfilling, he notes, is helping customers find a solution they might not have identified otherwise, and then seeing that solution all the way through implementation.

Jeremy often adds value beyond helping customers save on the “hard” costs of materials. In some cases it’s the substitution of a material, or in others it may be an improvement to a warehousing or production line process, which creates “soft” cost savings in the background that add up considerably. “Sometimes customers need an outside perspective on things — one that’s not caught up in the habitual motions of how things have always been done,” Jeremy says. “I’m proud when I can be that person and truly make a difference for the customer.”

Industry Expertise

Certifications and Training

  • Training on plastics, properties, processes, and customer service through Curbell Plastics’ well-recognized and IAPD award-winning flagship programs


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