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Business Development Manager

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If you are working on a new application or redesigning an existing one, contact Dave to discuss material options. He specializes in high performance engineering plastics and is ready to take your call, set up a webinar, or travel to your facility to discuss your unique situation. He’ll be pleased to work with you to help identify and select cost-effective engineered plastic candidate materials.

Dave spends his free time running and reading academic literature on a diverse base of polymer materials. Yeah, he’s that guy. In addition to sharing his own knowledge with you, he would be happy to direct you to relevant research that addresses your own situation in an unbiased manner.

He has literally been involved with plastics his whole life (his first word was “Kynar,” which is a trade name of a leading brand of PVDF). Professionally, he has an extensive background in polyaryletherketones and handles our DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide (a lightweight metal replacement for cryogenic or high-temperature environments) product line outside of the West Coast.

As Business Development Manager, Dave works with companies across the Midwest and the Southwest to provide high performance material solutions. He also provides LED lighting expertise and support to all Curbell’s Midwest and East Coast customers.

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To learn how Dave's expertise can help your business, contact him today.

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