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Meet Clifford

Clifford Harris is a seasoned Inside Sales Representative for the Curbell Plastics Arlington location. Possessing over 23 years of industrial plastics experience, Clifford understands how to listen for what a customer needs and delivers viable material options.

Prior to his career in plastics, Clifford served in the United States military. He began his service in the US Navy aboard the USS Detroit where he had hands-on experience operating heavy machinery. He then joined the US Army stationed in Berlin and was assigned to the USBER Security Detachment who provided security for the Embassy and visiting dignitaries in West Berlin. When he returned to the United States from his tour of duty in 1997, he accepted a position with another plastics distributor, and then in 2010 accepted the role of Inside Sales Representative at Nationwide Plastics. Plastics was certainly a very different and rewarding career change. “You never know what the customer is going to ask you for,” Clifford responded with a chuckle, “in some cases, the harder the question is, the better I like it.”

A Partner in Your Success

Clifford works with everyone from mom-and-pop shops to recognizable aerospace and defense companies. Regardless of who he’s speaking with, he fits them to the plastics or process they need. “When I first speak with them, they don’t know or aren’t really sure what they need,” Clifford said of his extensive customer base, “a lot of times they come to Curbell for plastic one-on-one expertise. They can tell me what they’re looking for and what they want to do, and I direct them to possible solutions.”

Clifford also listens to customers for opportunities to help improve, optimize, or simply please them in an above and beyond way. For example, an inside supply warehouse customer needed polypropylene board 155-inch long, and welded sheets together to achieve that need. They liked the resulting functionality, but didn’t like the look. When Clifford learned about this, he worked with a manufacturer to extrude extra-long (60 inches by 155 inches) sheet for the customer. The custom sizes improved the sheet yield and provided a beautiful aesthetic. The manufacturer required minimum quantity orders, so Clifford presented the sheet to another customer who used polypropylene sheet for acid tanks, and they eagerly placed an order for the custom size sheets as well. He ordered the sheets, delivered even better product to two customers in different industries, and with zero waste.

When Clifford isn’t providing outstanding service for customers, he’s either keeping his shooting skills sharp at the gun range or tinkering in his garage. He loves old cars and enjoys working on his ’83 GMC Stepside. That is, when he’s not entertaining the grandchildren with the wife!

Industry Expertise

Certifications and Training

  • IAPD Performance Plastics Level I

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