Chris Sparks

Senior Inside Sales Representative - Houston

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Meet Chris

After 35 years in the plastics industry, coupled with seven years in metals, Chris feels fortunate to have leaned on the shoulders of great leaders throughout his career. Today, he is a mentor and a plastics expert with a strong understanding of the history of the industry and knowledge of where and how to source industrial plastic materials.

With Chris, each customer conversation is supported and backed by application and material knowledge that’s delivered with authenticity and deep, hands-on experience in plastics distribution. From customer specifications to plastic material selection to environmental challenges, each application is different and each demands the necessary follow through.

A Partner in Your Success

Chris shares, “my passion and work ethic comes from the Greatest Generation where values drive any conversation.” This includes customers immersed in Houston’s rich oil and gas exploration and production, applications exposed to corrosive chemicals, and high-performance polymers that possess the necessary key properties for electrical insulation. However, he doesn’t like to limit himself. “Any industry markets are on my bucket list, even the ones which have not been invented yet,” he joked, "That’s why I got hooked on plastics and walked away from the metal industry many, many moons back. I want to get exposed to even more opportunities.”

Just as plastic materials are engineered to perform in challenging conditions, Chris is always ready to take on the next difficult challenge and eager to bring more value to his customers. And if you’re ever curious about the history of plastics, he’s your guy!

Industry Expertise

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