Polyimide Tapes

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Performance Characteristics
Typical Applications
Typical Properties
Polyimide tapes are a polyimide film coated with a high temperature, pressure sensitive silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive.

Polyimide tapes act as excellent electrical insulators, are thin and conformable, have outstanding tear resistance at elevated temperatures, and have high impact and abrasion resistance. The high temperature silicone adhesive holds firmly without flagging, yet strips cleanly when removed.

Polyimide Tape Standard Sizes

2 mil
5 mil
LENGTHS 36 yds
WIDTHS Slit to required size

  • Length, width, and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer
  • Polyimide tape can be provided with an interliner upon request
  • Minimums may apply to certain materials

NOTE: For additional information on polyimide tapes, contact your local Curbell Plastics representative or call Curbell at 1-888-287-2355.
Performance Characteristics
  • Excellent electrical insulation (class 180)
  • Thin, yet tough and conformable
  • Silicone adhesive leaves little residue
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Exceptional dielectic strength
  • Outstanding tear resistance at elevated temperatures
Typical Applications
  • Circuit board assembly
  • Plating mask (hard chrome and nickel)
  • Coil winding in transformers
  • Gold finger protection during wave soldering
Typical Properties
PROPERTY UNITS 2345-1 2345-2 2345-5
Backing material Film-polyimide Film-polyimide Film-polyimide
Adhesive type Silicone Silicone Silicone
Total Thickness inches 0.0025 0.0035 0.0065
Backing thickness inches 0.0010 0.0020 0.0050
Adhesive thickness inches 0.0015 0.0015 0.0015
Adhesion to steel oz/inch 25 25 25
Elongation % at break 50 75 75
Operating temperature °F -100°-500° -100°-500° -100°-500°
Break strength lbs/in 30 50 150
Dielectric strength volts 6,500 10,000 17,000
Color Amber Amber Amber
* Values shown are typical
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