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Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts to Fulfill Your Needs

Are you a circuit board manufacturer, automotive
detailer, or aerospace engineer struggling to choose
a specific tape? Whether your application calls for
changing an existing material or beginning a
new design, Curbell Plastics can help you.


Need a tape, fabric, or belt that performs well
in your application?
From foam tape, polyimide tape,
UHMW tape, PTFE fabric and more - Curbell Plastics
supplies specialty tapes, fabrics, and belts for your
specific end use application.

Many of our tapes, fabrics, and belts are often used in such industries as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Circuit board manufacturing
  • Construction
  • General manufacturing
  • Packaging

Nationwide, representatives discuss your specific needs and then suggest material options for you to try.

Put Us to Work - For You!™

Foam Tapes - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

Foam Tapes

High performance tape with an acrylic adhesive
More about foam tapes
Polyimide Tapes - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

Polyimide Tapes

Polyimide film coated with a high temperature, pressure sensitive adhesive
More about polyimide tapes
PTFE Tapes - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

PTFE Tapes

Heat sealing tapes that are durable and resist high temperatures
More about PTFE tapes
Thermal Spray Tapes - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

Thermal Spray Tapes

Withstand high temperature and demanding plasma, flame, and grit blasting applications
More about thermal spray tapes
UHMW Tapes - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

UHMW Tapes

Coated polyolefin film often used to reduce friction in material handling applications.
More about UHMW tapes
VHB Tapes - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

Very High Bond Tapes

Withstand a range of temperature conditions without losing adhesion
More about very high bond tapes
PTFE Fabrics - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

PTFE Fabrics

Heat sealing fabrics that withstand extreme temperatures
More about PTFE fabrics
Belting Materials - Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts

Belting Materials

Sealing belts or conveyor belts
More about belting materials
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