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Performance Characteristics
Typical Applications
Typical Properties
PETG is a transparent thermoplastic sheet material with outstanding thermoformability and good impact resistance.

PETG is an excellent choice for applications that require:

  • Durability
  • Deep draw thermoforming
  • Clarity

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PETG Standard Sizes

SHEET 48"x96" (0.03"-0.5" thick)
  • Length, width, thickness, and diameter tolerances vary by size and by manufacturer
  • Custom sizes and colors available upon request
  • Many of our plastic materials are available as films with thicknesses of 0.029" or less

PETG Grades

NOTE: Several grades of PETG are available. For additional information on PETG plastic materials, contact your local Curbell Plastics representative or call Curbell at 1-888-287-2355.
Performance Characteristics
  • Outstanding thermoforming characteristics, particularly in deep draw applications
  • Does not require drying prior to thermoforming
  • Good impact resistance
  • Clear
  • Lower cost alternative to polycarbonate
  • Less brittle than acrylic
  • Superior chemical resistance when compared with many other transparent plastics
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Rapid thermoforming cycle times
  • Brake formable (up to 0.080" thickness)
Typical Applications
Typical Properties
Tensile strength psi D-638 7,700
Flexural modulus psi D-790 310,000
Izod impact (notched) ft-lbs/in of notch D-256 1.7
Heat deflection temperature @ 264 psi °F D-648 157
Maximum continuous service temperature in air °F -
Water absorption (immersion 24 hours) % D-570 0.20
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion in/in/°Fx10-5 D-696 3.8
Values may vary according to brand name. Please ask your Curbell Plastics representative for more specific information about an individual brand.

of PETG compared with Acrylic
Impact resistance of PETG compared with acrylic, bar chart
Contact Curbell Plastics at 1-888-287-2355 for more specific information about PETG plastic or complete our request for quote online form.