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Serving Customers in Over 40 Markets

Every day, Curbell Plastics representatives meet with customers nationwide from more than 40 market segments to solve their application challenges.

Some of the markets Curbell serves are:

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Aerospace and Defense

Applications for plastic materials include acrylic aircraft canopies, KYDEX® tray tables, and Vespel® polyimide seals and bearings.

Architectural Glazing

Plastic materials include acrylic and polycarbonate sheet in clear, gray, bronze, and colors.

Composite Tooling

Products include Rampf® polyurethane and epoxy tooling boards and castable urethane tooling resins.

Heavy Equipment

Applications for plastic materials include nylon sheaves and slide pads, UHMW-PE wear parts, and scratch resistant polycarbonate windows.


Plastic sheet, rod, tubes, films, tapes and RTV silicones for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Machine Builders

Applications include polycarbonate windows, UHMW-PE star wheels and guides, and nylon and acetal wear parts.

Machine Shops

Plastic sheet, rod, and tubing materials including acetal, nylon, UHMW-PE, PEEK, Phenolic, and Vespel® polyimide.

Marine Construction

UHMW dock fenders, floating docks, piles, bumpers, and other marine construction market applications.


Applications include Ultem® and Radel R® sterilizable instrument handles, acrylic manifolds, and KYDEX® housings.

Membrane Switches and Nameplates

Plastic film materials include polycarbonate, polyester, PEN, and polyimide. Applications include membrane switches, nameplates, and overlays.

Orthotic, Prosthetic and Pedorthic

Plastics sheet, fabrication materials and transfer papers for Orthotics, Prosthetics, Podiatrics and Pedorthics.

Plant Maintenance and Repairs

Plastic sheet and rod materials include polycarbonate, acrylic, acetal, nylon, UHMW-PE, and ergonomic floor mats. Applications include safety guards, bearings, bushings, and wear parts.

Plastic Fabrication

Curbell stocks a wide range of sheet materials for thermoforming and fabrication including acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, HIPS, and PETG. We also supply HDPE and PP for tank fabrication.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Sheet, rod, tube, and film materials include acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG, ABS, Sintra® expanded PVC, and polystyrene. We also supply double sided tapes and hook and loop fasteners.

Printing and Graphics

Curbell Plastics offers a wide range of substrate materials for all of your printing needs including acrylic, polycarbonate, polyester, ABS, polystyrene, and Sintra® expanded PVC.

Prototyping and Modelmaking

Materials include modeling boards, urethane casting resins, stereolithography resins, and silicone tooling resins

Scientific Instrumentation and Analytical Equipment

Plastics sheet, rod, tube, and film materials include PEEK, Vespel® polyimide, nylon, acetal, PPS, PFA, FEP, Ultem®, PTFE, Kynar® PVDF and flexible tubing.

Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing

Plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film materials include static dissipative plastics, PEEK, Vespel® polyimide, nylon, acetal, PPS, PFA, FEP, Ultem®, PTFE, Kynar® PVDF, and fluoropolymer tubing.

Sign Builders

Plastic sheet materials include acrylic, polycarbonate, Sintra® expanded PVC, and Coroplast™ fluted boards. Applications include channel letters, thermoformed sign faces, and LED signs.

Transportation and Specialty Vehicles

Materials include acrylic,polycarbonate, KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet, nylon, and Plexus® adhesives. Applications include bearings and bushings, interior components, mirrors, slide pads, and windows.

Valves, Seals, and Gaskets

Plastic materials include acetal, Vespel® polyimide, PEEK, PTFE, and Kel-F. Applications include seals, backup rings, valve seats, and lantern rings.
Please consult with a Curbell Plastics sales representative at 1-888-287-2355 to discuss our various market segments or complete our request for quote online form.