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Product Characteristics
Typical Materials
Typical Applications
Curbell Plastics offers a wide variety of composite tooling materials to meet demanding performance requirements in the automotive, consumer products, aerospace, government, and medical industries.

We recognize that plugs, patterns, and molds must maintain excellent dimensional stability and surface finish in spite of exotherms and autoclave temperatures.

Curbell supplies:

These materials are used for all types of demanding composite tooling applications -- from glass/vinyl ester applications -- to carbon/epoxy systems.

Curbell Plastics adds value for our composites customers by maintaining local inventory for fast availability and with hands-on assistance on customers' plant floors.

Related Products...

Foaming Liquid Urethane Adhesive - URH2109

  • For low density (30pcf and below) urethane foam tooling boards
  • One component
  • Apply with trowel, mist with water, clamp
  • Available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums
  • Drier system available to prevent pre-curing on the shelf

Minimal Expanding Urethane Foam - Boss 334

  • For low density (30pcf and below) urethane foam tooling boards
  • One component
  • Available in 24-ounce pressurized cans
Typical Materials
Please consult with a Curbell Plastics sales representative at 1-888-287-2355 to discuss specific plastic materials and applications for the composite and tooling industry or complete our request for quote online form.