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Curbell Plastics in Largo, FL (Tampa Bay area)

Curbell Plastics, Inc.
6899 Bryan Dairy Road
Largo, FL 33777
Tel: 888-834-7832
Fax: 727-547-5574
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Supplying Plastic Materials and Related Products

to customers in all of Florida, southern GA, the Caribbean, and South America

From sign and display materials such as Acrylic, ABS, Polycarbonate, KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet and Expanded PVC to engineering and high performance plastics such as Nylon, Acetal, UHMW and DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide Shapes, Curbell Plastics has products that fit your unique needs, applications, and cut-to-size specifications.

In addition to our sheet, rod, tube, and film materials, Curbell has a full line of adhesives, sealants, and prototyping materials to support your assembly and prototyping challenges.

Serving Markets across FL, S. GA, the Caribbean, and South America

Customers served by our Florida location represent a range of markets and industries including:


Directions to Florida Location

Curbell Plastics in Largo, FL is located on the Gulf Coast. Our Florida location is
10 minutes from the Clearwater International Airport and 20 minutes from the
Tampa International Airport.

Tourism is the largest sector in Florida due to the warm weather, beaches, and amusement parks. The Florida region has seen a recent boom in medical and bio-tech industries throughout its major metropolitan areas.

Contact Curbell Plastics in Florida at 1-888-834-7832 with your material and application questions or complete our request for quote form.