Silicone Sealants

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Performance Characteristics
Typical Applications
Typical Properties
RTV silicone sealant has proven itself as an outstanding sealing material
due to its:

  • Heat resistance (up to 500°F)
  • Low temperature flexibility (down to -75°F)
  • Elasticity
  • Vibration resistance
  • UV stability

Applications range from simple gap sealants to electronic encapsulants and room-temperature-molded solid silicone seals.

Important market segments include military, aerospace, transportation, electronics, construction, and consumer products.

Numerous RTV silicone grades offer compliance with UL, FDA, military, and private OEM specifications.

One-Part Systems vs. Two-Part Systems

One-Part Silicone Sealant

One-part silicone sealants are the easiest to use, requiring no weighing or mixing.

Two-Part Silicone Sealant

Two-part systems require accurate measuring and thorough mixing.

Cure Technologies for Silicone Sealants

Two different cure technologies are available for silicone sealants.

  • Condensation cure relies upon atmospheric moisture to catalyze the curing reaction and a byproduct is volatilized as the reaction proceeds.

  • Addition cure is not reliant upon atmospheric moisture and does not generate any byproducts. The addition cure produces virtually no shrinkage. For these reasons, the addition cure is preferred for molded applications. A drawback of the addition cure is its susceptibility to cure inhibition.

Silicone Sealant Standard Packaging

One-Part Products

  • 2.8 fluid ounce tube
  • 10.1 fluid ounce cartridge
  • 5 gallon pail
  • 55 gallon drum

Two-Part Products

  • Pint kit
  • Gallon kit
  • 5 gallon pail kit
  • 55 gallon drum kit

Popular Momentive Silicone Sealant Grades

One-Part Acetoxy Condensation Cure

IS800 series
IS802, IS803, IS808, IS800.09, IS806

RTV100 series
RTV102, RTV103, RTV108, RTV109, RTV112, RTV116, RTV118

RTV110 series
RTV112, RTV116, RTV118

RTV157, RTV159



One-Part Alkoxy (Neutral) Condensation Cure

RTV162, RTV167, RTV133, RTV142

One-Part Modified Alkoxy (Neutral) Condensation Cure

RTV122, RTV123, RTV128, IS902, RTV1673, RTV6708

Two-Part Alkoxy (Neutral) Condensation Cure

RTV11, RTV12, RTV21, RTV31, RTV60, RTV88, RTV511, RTV560, RTV566, RTV567, RTV577

Two-Part Addition Cure

RTV615, RTV627, RTV655

RTV630, RTV664


SS4004P, SS4044P, SS4120, SS4155, SS4179

Thermally Conductive
Potting Compounds


NOTE: Numerous additional grades of Momentive silicone sealants are available.
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Performance Characteristics
  • Room temperature cure
  • Excellent heat resistance (up to 500°F)
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility (down to -75°F)
  • Good elasticity, vibration resistance, and mechanical compliance fr effective sealing
  • Outstanding UV stability and weather resistance
Typical Applications
Typical Properties

Popular Momentive* RTV Silicone Grades

Properties chart contains RTV silicone product information based on:

  • Function
  • Product description
  • Cure chemistrty
  • Color
  • Typical applications

Properties Chart for Popular Momentive RTV Silicone Grades
* Properties information courtesy of Momentive Performance Materials
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